Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tomorrow I may have to get some newspapers

So I am running LOW on newspaper coupons...why you might ask...well I have not bought any since eh October-ish...I have seriously taken a step back from the "gotta coupon" every moment of my life...I have been more so getting deals from the IP coupons and onces that were mailed to me. I still have been getting some sweet deals, but I think that it is time to go out and replenesh the stash...MAYBE just MAYBE even put them in the "binder". I say it that way because all of the girls at my Walgreen's tell everyone about the "binder" and how awesome it is. (Well thanks guys) I have even had some older people tell me that it was fantastic...(thank you also) They really are quite convient if you have them organizer properly. Though I think that this year I may down size from the 4 inch (yeah I said 4) to the 1.5 inch that hubby bought me for our anniversary...which by the way was VERY sweet of him. At least he is starting to take this coupon thing

OH btw there are supposed to be 5 inserts...this was the motivating factor to go get some :)

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