Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm so excited...n I just can't hide it...

So I had ordered some coupons off of eBay last weekend for the ALL laundry soap and the Quaker Rice cakes. I figured that both would be great items to stock up on. Well, the coupons arrived today and I went with ad's and coupons in tow to Walmart (as I figured that Walgreen's would be out of rice cakes this late in the week and heck why make 2 trips.)

Here is what I got:

10 ALL small and mighty Free and Clear 50 oz. $6.97 each
10 ALL small and mighty scented 50 oz. $6.97 each
10 Quaker Rice cakes cheese flavor $2.00 each
5 Quaker Rice cakes chocolate flavor $2.00 each
5 Quaker Rice cakes caramel flavor $2.00 each

Total BEFORE coupons and price match: $179.40

Total AFTER coupons and price match....


Oh yeah oh yeah!!

(I used the Big Lots ad for the laundry soap and the Walgreen's ad for the rice cakes, I also used the $2/1 ALL coupon and the $0.75/1 Quaker coupon )

Happy Shopping!!


  1. WOAH!!!! That is seriously MAD COUPONING!

    WAY TO GO!

  2. Thanks, that's what I thought :) That should take us through most of the year because each bottle does 32 640 loads for $10 can't beat that!