Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's my birthday ....phewey

I knew this day would come. Personally I do not feel any older than when I went to bed last night which is a plus. BUT I did check out the "smile lines" a little more thoroughly than usual...with a sigh I might add. My husband came into the office and asked me if I wanted him to make me breakfast to which I replied, "No...BUT you could wash the dishes for me..." (thanks for the idea CJ) and he AGREED...well Happy Birthday to me after all!


  1. Happy birthday!!

    It actually wasn't my idea for hubby to clean the house. I just woke up and it was done. triple gold stars for him!

    Its funny, our first married V-day he cleaned the bathroom but even though I raved and raved he hasn't done cleaning as a gift. I am AMAZED!

  2. Thanks! I was just throwing it out there (I got the idea from your post so BIG thanks to you :) and he agreed! It was soooooo nice not to have to wash dishes for one day. Then my mom came over and we had some margaritas and some chinese...overall it was a nice birthday