Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sometimes I wonder...

A few things that happened to me over the weekend....
As I was preparing the bills for the monthly paycheck I went over to the cork board to check out the amount for the insurance policy (we switched carriers because WI's new laws made our other policy sky rocket) anyways the original amount was reasonable so we switched. Well my husbands company decided that they were going to change his monthly pay date this year from the 15th of every month to the friday closest to the 15th...NOT COOL....since we have some direct debits....WELL this is when the change happened. It shows the same 6 month premium total BUT the monthly debit was raised $17.76...NOT in my I will be calling them tomorrow and telling them it needs to be corrected or we will be taking all of our business elsewhere.

Moving mishap with Walgreen's and my forgetting the coupon is turning out to be more of a hassel that one would have first assumed. I checked my card today and the second mistake was return to my card BUT the $17.00 that the manager said would never show up on my card is still there and there is NO refund in site! I will have to return there tomorrow and look for my cosmetics cashiers and have her call this manager to fix the problem...we are talking $17.00 here! You know what I can buy with that???

Lastly, I went in the other room to grab some changing supplies for the youngest and the oldest comes in the room and goes "Uh oh mom..." now we all know that is NOT good. See the youngest has severe eczema so we have LOTS of creams and most importantly if you have ever used that product you know that it is very greasy (but that is what helps moisturize so well) The beastie got ahold of this lovely stuff and COVERED the desk, our house warming invitations, the antibacterial bottle, the computer mouse, mouse pad, house phone and of course himself....THEN I WENT TO BED....ugh


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