Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nightmare Before Christmas Costume Birthday party!

The candy table

My only requests...Jack, Oogie Boogie, Lock, Shock, Barrel and Zero...PERFECTION!

So, I have been SUPER duper busy this last few months as all three of my boys are born back to back.  I put lots of thought time and effort into their parties and thought I would share some of them in a few posts.  

What is a Halloween Party without ghost doughnuts?

I took several shots of the candy looked awesome with the lights out

"Grave yard treat" with lots of pumpkins since Jack is the pumpkin King

This cake just blew everyone away!

I added black white and purple ribbons to accent the color themed candy

Pumpkin patch rice krispies and popcorn "hands"

Another view of the candy table

Some of the food

LOVED the cake plates!

More color themed candy

Look at that cute little Jack smash cake!

My baby din't waste any time!

We had LOTS of pumpkins in the front yard

Jack pops, purple cupcakes we went all out!
These went home with all the guests and were a HUGE hit!

All the kids loved the party and had a great time!
Let me say I was PUMPED to have a baby born so close to Halloween as that is one of my most favorite holidays!! It was obvious what his first birthday party theme would be....Nightmare Before Christmas I mean does it get more perfect??  I even found a Nightmare Before Christmas birthday party kit on it was go time!  I decided to use a black, white and purple theme and just ran with it.  One of my childhood friends makes cakes as a hobby and she ADORES Nightmare Before Christmas and surprisingly had never done a cake in that theme before so she was up to the challenge.  Let me tell you this was the AWESOME-EST cake EVER!!! She made the inside orange and used green butter cream like Oogie Boogie...too cool!!  

We bobbed for apples, pumpkin bowled, did Halloween crafts and just had lots and lots of fun.  I really enjoyed creating this party.


  1. where did you purchase the party hats, table wear, plates etc at? been lookin for them but no luck..

  2. Ebay, it did take me quite awhile to hunt it down though!