Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party!

For some reason my children like to keep me on my toes when it comes to their birthday party themes.  My son decided that for his 4th birthday he NEEDED a Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party.  Since this is such a new show they really don't have any stuff out yet for the party.  That is when your creative gears have to start turning!

Shortly after my son said that he wanted a pirate party I found a great deal from Little Tykes on pirate costumes so I bought a bunch of those.  I ordered several pirate themed party items from Oriental Trading (treasure chests, create your own telescope, pirate gift bags, pirate pencils, compasses, pirate silly bands, skull necklace kits, a sword craft kit for the kids...I went all out.)  The dollar store had quite a few pirate items so I also picked up some of those and plenty of gold deblumes.  Because let's face it how can you have a treasure hunt without any gold??

I even made little bags of "pixie dust" as part of the kids parting gift (it was cute I just didn't want them tearing in at my house ;) I can tell you they ALL had a blast.  We ordered a Jake pinata off of ebay, it didn't work when we pulled the strings BUT they kids loved it anyways and it looked cool.  My good friend made a cake that was a little over 2 feet tall and all the kids thought it was the best thing since sliced bread...haha

You can find some great party ideas from Disney online and print off and make your own invitations and thank you's! Enjoy the pics!!

Mookie n his Jake cake!

We went with a classic red and black pirate color theme

Pirate "thank you" swirl pops

Pixie Dust

A few of the pirates!

Pirates have to eat too!!

Craft time!

Swords, treasure chests and telescopes!

Pirate Costumes

The red table

Goodie bags!!

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