Sunday, January 8, 2012

What a crazy life I lead...

Besides the holidays, planning three birthday parties, raising three boys and doing all that I do at school I have recently got a job AND just got accepted into UWGB for my Bachelor's Degree...alas I may never sleep again!

We hit a rough patch and it hit me hard...then I realized that I never wanted to feel that way again and something had to change.  I could either have a "pity party" and be like poor me...or I could be the strong person that I am and "get things done" and that is what I have been doing.  There is no stopping me now!  

So, I may be here even less but just know that I appreciate each and every one of you that takes the time to stop by and read all the blabber that I decide to type.  I hope that some of the things I post can help others, give you ideas or maybe inspire you to do something.  If not hey, I

Someone asked me if I would still coupon when I started school and was working and I said but OF COURSE!  In fact I got 3 boxes of Flinstone's vitamins today at Target for $1.13 oop...that is a way of life for me...I LOVE COUPONS!!  There are so many sites out there in the cyber world that I know I don't need to continually post deals as those sites are as common as a gas station...there's one on every corner...

Sure I'll try and post some great deal pics here and there...(maybe I'll just post a whole bunch at once lol) 

 I can admit 2011 ended pretty crappy for me and my family but this year is a new year with new posibilities and the only one that can stop me is me...if your are going to stand in my way, please step aside, I have things to accomplish! (That is my new motto! :)

And here is my new theme song:

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL New Year!!

 Don't let anyone stop you from being you! ;)

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