Sunday, January 8, 2012

So my brain is going 10,000 directions...

I was thinking that it would be a good idea to crack out a bunch of freezer meals for when school starts since I probably will be a walking zombie until of course my hubby is finally home for good to help relieve a little of my stresses.  I still have to pick out my classes, go to orientation, get text books, take the boys to the dentist, go to get sealants, take Tristan to his yearly check up, do hot lunch, drive for field trip, finish the training for work, get work shoes, take the truck in to get some new module, go to my doctor appointment, maintain and take care of the 2 younger ones at home while Tristan is at school, get cleaning done, finish planning and executing Tristan's party and what ever else pops up along with the daily routine.  UGH...I think I would like to take a nap.  

Doesn't help the matter that Tristan started feeling crappy last night and it is passing to Carmine who so thoughtfully passed it to me....hmmm I can see where this is headed...Jakoby...oh happy days!  Vitamin C will be my new best friend as I already disinfected the house to kick out the germs.

Better finish up putting the Christmas decorations away and get the kids in the bath and start winding them down so I can do all the little miscellaneous odds and ends before I am able to sleep...

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