Thursday, July 23, 2009

Skincare RX gift card...

I sent a few of these to friends and family. When I finally went to use mine this site was OVERWHELMED with traffic. So I decided to try the next day, I was pretty bummed when it wouldn't work. I contacted the customer service for help (at this point I figured that I wasn't going to get much help and that it wouldn't really result in anything.) BUT much to my surprise they email me back within 48 hours we replied back and forth 2 times, as I have been quite to busy to call the 800 number, and they added my gift card to my account!!! SOOOOO I just got all done and ordered a Pear Peony Body wash which totalled $18.95 with shipping FOR FREE!!!!! YAY me!!! I hope that everyone else that I sent one to got to use them. IF you didn't get to use your code MAKE SURE you contact the customer service because they are SUPER DUPER friendly and willing to help!!

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