Sunday, July 26, 2009 do or not to do...

So far this month I have only spent a little under $75 on groceries. We have soooo much stuff stockplied up that I figured that we could last quite a while just eating from what we have. We have not been shorted by any means. Since we have a lot of important things coming up I wanted to be quite a bit tighter on our budget. Examples are we are going to Disney next month (YAY) Tristan needs to be registered for school. One of our cars needed new tires (which are sooo expensive btw BUT we did shop around and find a good deal), we have to pay for a home inspection next week as well. Along with a few other things, my point is that I have come to realize that I may have "mad" coupon skills but I do not have to put them to use all the time. I am VERY thankful that I learned the "couponing game" because otherwise we may be in a tight squeeze this month. Sometimes you just have to let some of those sales go by, as you do NOT need to hit up EVERY single one like so many of us do when we start couponing. (Hey it's thrilling and addictive, kinda like the

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