Saturday, July 18, 2009

I LOVE my Walgreens!!

So frankly I have the BEST (in my opinion) Walgreen's EVER!! My cosmetic counter cashier is SUPER nice and sweet! She LOVES when I do multiple transactions even...I did 13 one day! The other day I walked in to grab some sunscreen and she goes, "I have some coupons for you!" How nice is that? She gave me a coupon for FREE hair dye AND a 15% friends and family coupon that she got from work....

Gosh I <3 her~! Tristan told her she looked pretty too (nothing like scorin some brownie

I feel for all of you out there that have problems with Walgreen's, I wish you could all have a cashier like mine...SHE'S THE BEST~ Thanks Trina!! :D

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