Thursday, July 23, 2009

House hunting on a happier note!

We did let out first realtor go...and found the BEST realtor EVER!!! She has went above and BEYOND any and ALL of our expectations! We hired her on Sunday and went through about 25 houses with her. We found a SUPER nice one and put in an offer on Tuesday...we are in the process of negotiations and hopefully all will turn out with this one this time. The last guy lost 4 houses for us. The time and stress has been pretty overwhelming so I am hoping for the best. This time we have 4 back ups that we can pursue "just in case".

I do hope all of this house stuff will be done and over with soon so that I can happily get back to blogging as I truly miss it and all of you GREAT readers! Thanks for bearing with me and all of your support!!

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