Wednesday, September 16, 2009 has been over a month already!

Long time no see...wellI should be able to be more on it now as we finally have the internet hooked back up again, Tristan started school, we have moved into the new house and are settled for the most part...things are starting to get back together.

I coupon shopped for the first time in well over a month yesterday and boy am I out of it! I forgot to give the cashier 2 coupons...but she had no problem fixing my goof up and giving me my money back. I spent a little over $7 (and some change) and got $10 worth of RR to use for next time. Here is what I all got:

38 Ghirardelli Candy Bars
2 Lifesavers Gummy Bags
2 Twizzlers Licorice Bags
2 Listerine Mouthwashes
2 Kids Sensodyne Toothpastes
1 Venom Energy Drink
1 Kalua Chocolates
1 Bailey's Chocolates
6 One a Day Vitamin Drinks
4 Basken Robbins Boxes of Candy

Yeah it's a lot of candy but the holidays are coming time to stock up!

Oh and here are some pics of the new house...(yeah the bathroom is fugly...but check out the MAD storage! I LOVE IT!) And I decided on a Mickey themed kitchen...tell me that isn't the cutest! Of course I was inspired at Disney...


  1. yea you're back!!! I'm glad you got settled in and I am surprised you survived so long without the internet.

    That is a good back-in-the-saddle couponing! I am way jealous you found the Ghirardelli Candy Bars. Lucky!!!

  2. I was super excited to find so many though I did go to 2 different Walgreen's. Yeah I just about lost my mind trying to use my cell phones internet...I wld hit the back button on accident and wanted to pitch it out the window because I would have to start all over. I see Shorty is getting married. Oh she would have LOVED Cinderella's castle it was beautiful! And I got to meet Snow White, Aurora, Belle and Cinderella...Tristan said he would let me use his autograph book for just kids...

  3. Is it all Ghiradelli candy bars that are on sale?

  4. I am not sure as I believe there are select kinds on clearance. And selection varies from store to store :)