Friday, September 18, 2009

Who loves Target?....I DO!!!!

OMG! I am sooooooo happy with my Target shopping trip this morning. I decided to swing on by after I dropped Tristan off for school and pick up a few things. Today was a GREAT day...I think my personal BEST day ever at Target. There were very few people in the store which made it really easy to get through which was a big plus. There were only out of the Kashi cereal which was a bummer, but hey I will try again for that another day.

Here is what I all got:

17 bags of Purina Chef Michaels dog food on sale for $4.26 each
22 Purina Chef Michaels wet food on sale $0.84 each
1 Disney Vitamins $5.04
5 Diet Dr. Peppers $1.39 each
34 Market Pantry String Cheese singles $0.40 each
4 pks of Boost Kid Essentials $7.99 each

HERE IS MY TOTAL $4.36!!! $3.36 was TAX!!!

I SAVED $152.33!!!!!!!!!!

WHOOO HOOO! Now here is the reason I got so much dog food, well my gramma just got a puppy so I am giving her a few bags of dry and all of the wet. And as for the string cheese each child has to bring a healthy snack to school and Tristan will be bringing string cheese....healthy and FREE! I didn't even get to use all of my coupons because there was sooooooo much overage!!! How exciting! And I got another $1 off $1 for the Target cafe...but it didn't open up until 9 am so we will have to get that next time. Check out the length of the receipt and the total! I LOVE IT!


  1. What Target do you go to?

  2. I never thought of printing that many coupons for the string cheese! I didn't think you could use more than one per transaction. I guess I'll have to go back to Target and try again!

  3. They said as long as I had as many item as coupons that I could use them. I know some of the people there are grumpier when it comes to coupons. I tend to shop during 1st shift as they are MUCH nicer :D