Sunday, September 20, 2009

Walgreen's Clearance Finds!

I just got home from another great Walgreen's trip I spent $14.57 and saved $84.62

Here is what I got:
2 pks. Huggies
2 Walgreen's brand laundry stain remover
21 Arizona Diet Green Teas
1 Twix 4pk.
1 Air Wick Fresh Matic Ultra
1 Hillary Duff With Love Perfume
1 Therma Care Heat patch

The With Love perfume is on clearance for $4.79 (great Christmas gift couldn't pass it up)
Walgreen's Laundry stain remover is on clearance for only $0.70!!
All Small and Mighty ONLY $1.79 (they were all out...booo :( )
Tide Lavendar scent $2.69 (all gone too)
Arizona Diet Green Tea only $0.40!!
Twix 4pks are on clearance for $0.85
The Febreze candles are an AMAZING $1.79 (these were all gone too)

I suggest getting to your local Walgreen's with all of your coupons handy and see what you can score. The other day I picked up a Bissell vacuum broom for $2.74 (they are on clearance from $29.99 to $12.54 and I used some RR to get it that low since I am constantly sweeping up after the beasts)

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