Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tristan LOVES school!

Well it's baby went off to school...sniff...sniff...he even tells me now that I don't have to walk him in anymore so it's "easier" for me...oh the heart ache! The first day he didn't even acknowledge that I was there, just zoomed off to play with his new friends. I do like the school though. There are only 6 kids total in his class (he goes to a private school) and I think MAYBE 69-70 kids total in the whole school...and yeah it goes up to 8th grade. He tells me that they are really nice there which is good. And I help out with the lunch on Thursday to take off some of his tuition (hey they don't make coupons for tuition cuz trust me I'd use My baby is growing up...

(Notice the cheesy smile he gave me...of course I had to take some pictures on the first day...I think he was like LET'S GO ALREADY miss camera happy...)

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