Monday, December 28, 2009

Next up...Tristan's invitations...

So you may ask yourself why in the blue blazes am I up this late?? Well I have been making Tristan's birthday party invitations. I SHOULD have been done quite some time ago...BUT me and the printer have been duking it out!

See awhile back a paper got stuck in the printer and there was a wrestling match to get the sheet of paper out. I eventually won and the printer had received a battle wound. The little piece that feeds the paper into the printer snapped off....LUCKY ME....ugh

So being the cheap...uh hum...frugal person that I am I waited for a sale. Black Friday came around (mind you that the printer has been broke since late May) and I found one. I bought it, but good ol Bessie still has some ink left so I am riding it out until the ink is gone.

I have lost quite a few coupons due to this since you can only print coupons so many times and I have to hand feed the paper into the printer. This doesn't always turn out for the best. Hence the reason that I am still up...just when I thought the printer was going to win this battle I figured out a great little start feeding the papers BEFORE the one printing comes out. So alas I am DONE.

I fought the printer and I won....hee hee

Nighty night!

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