Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This is one of the FUNNEST party sites out there. If you haven't become a member I strongly recommend that you do! So far I have done 2 parties for them and just received my 3rd party kit. I am SUPER DUPER stoked to do the latest party. I got selected to be a Fun and Fit party host which means that I got the awesome Wii games. Let me tell you this party is gonna ROCK! I got the Jenny McCarthy Wii exercice game along with the Wii Dance Party game, 5 coupons for FREE Jello-Mousse, a bunch of $0.50 off coupons for the guests, spoons, nakpins, head bands and $10 off coupons for the game to give to the guests.

I have also hosted the Martha Stewart crafts party and the Hot Wheels party. I just applied for a couple more and can't wait to see if I get accepted. (See this is another reason that I have been temporarily been away from the bloggin world...I have been having AWESOME parties!!)

When I tell people about House they always ask, "Well, what's the catch??" First off you have to answer a few pages of questions online. And then you do some follow up surveys and let them know how the guests liked the products.

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