Sunday, March 9, 2014

Iron Man and Avengers

What little boy doesn't like super heros? Definitely not my boys!  They would wear costumes all day every day if they could!  Heck I even buy extra when they get marked down after Halloween just to restock the costume bin.  My middle son has adored Iron Man for as long as I remember so my goal was to make him the birthday party of his dreams while not breaking the bank.  I scored big when I was cruisin the isles one night at Wally World and found piñatas for only $5!! Yep just $5!! So I grabbed three and reinvented them for each of the boys birthday parties everyone loved them even the boys and no one even knew that they were original Cars themed!

The goodie bags were packed full of cool Iron Man and Avengers treats and toys and we even made super cool Iron Man masks.  The party was a success!  Who says moms can't be super heros?!

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