Friday, July 22, 2011

Menards Back to School Deals

Here are some of the best deals at Menards this week: 

FREE:(limit 10)
12 pk Black or Blue Pens* 

$0.09 each: (limit 10)
Stretchable Book Covers*
Twin Pocket Folders*
24 ct Crayons*
3 x 5 index cards*
3 pk glue sticks*
4 oz multi-purpose glue*

$0.39:(limit 10)
3 pk pens*
loose leaf/filler paper*
composition notebooks*
4 pk highlighters*
5" jr. scissors*
12" soft touch ruler*
12 ct colored pencils*
8 ct washable markers*
10 ct #2 pencils*

$0.69: (limit 10)
pen or pencil box*
4 x 4 super sticky post it notes*
7 " scissors*
1" 3 ring binder*

$0.99:(limit 10)
magnetic dry erase board*
3 subject notebook*
fashion planner*
3 x 3 post it notes*
kids backpack*
12 x 12 dry erase board*
lunch bag*
56 function calculator*
file folder*

$3.99: (limit 10)
student backpack*
messenger bag*
ultimate binder*

If you frequently shop at Menards then these are some great deals and perhaps you have other rebates you can use to pay for these items.  Some of the prices for say bookcovers and washable markers are fairly cheap to! Happy Shopping!!

*after $1 mail in rebate
*after $0.50 mail in rebate
*after $0.50 mail in rebate
*after $1 mail in rebate
*after $1 mail in rebate
*after $5 mail in rebate
*after $5 mail in rebate

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