Sunday, July 10, 2011


Need a little pep in your step? Too hot to drink steamy hot coffee, then you definately want to check out this SUPER easy and yummy iced coffee recipe.


Quart size Mason Jars or something equivalent in size

Coarsely ground whole bean coffee of your choice

Milk, Creamer, Half and Half (or whatever you like in your coffee)

Syrup, I use Vanilla (walmart has several flavors on the bottom shelf in the coffee isle for a little over $4)

Coffee filter


Cold filtered water


Measure out 1 cup of coffee and pour it into the mason jar, fill the rest of the jar to the very top with COLD filtered water. Cold brewing helps give the coffee a less bitter flavor, which is probably why I like it so much. Then you put the lid and band on the jar and set it in the fridge for 24 hours so it can "cold brew". I make 2 jars at a time because this stuff is DELISH!!

The next day take the jar out and carefully scoop out the coffee grounds on the top, if you don't you can make a HUGE mess! (Been there lol) Next place the strainer on the top of the pitcher and set the coffee filter inside SLOWLY let the coffee strain through into your pitcher. Once this is all complete you will then add 2 cups of COLD filtered water to your coffee concentrate. Stir well.

Be patient....almost there...

Fill your glass with ice cubes (you can also make coffee cubes and it helps to make your iced beverage not as watered down when the ice cubes melt) Pour half a glass of milk, creamer or half and half, next add your flavored syrup, I add 3 tspns. Finally top off the remainder with the coffee. Stir well, add your straw and and enjoy!! Mmm mmm...just like those pricey ones at the fast food chains!

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