Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Did you get your FREE Oreos???

Did you get your FREE double stuffed vanilla oreos? If not don't fret because you can go here and submit your information. Once they verify that you met the requirements they will issue you a new coupon. That is awesome, cuz I didn't get mine ;(


  1. grumble grumble. I have been fighting myself to not get in the whole facebook world. But if they keep releasing coupons just to facebook fans, I might have to join.

  2. Oh my...I LOVE Facebook for all of the coupons (that was the whole reason that I signed up) I have seriously gotten so MANY free item coupons either to print or in the mail it is crazy. That is what helps me get up to my $25 for double coupons at Pick n Save lol...oh n u can get a B1G1 for Skittles n Starbursts....mmmm (then u can afford to pitch the yucky