Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Walgreen trip 3/3/10

I had a pretty decent run at Walgreen's yesterday, the @ Rembrant whitenening kits alone are $21.99. I paid $13.63 for everything pictured and $1.98 of that was tax!!

Here is what I all got:

2 Purex on sale B1G1 (used B1G1 coupon=2 FREE)
3 Reach Floss (used $1 manuf coupon and in ad= FREE)
1 Walgreen's aspirin (FREE with mailer coupon)
3 Reach toothbrushes (used $1 manuf coupon and in ad=FREE)
2 Rembrandt 2 hr whitening kits (used raincheck for $9.99 and $5 IP coupon=$4.99 each)
1 Starbucks Frappucino (used $1 IP and in ad=$0.25)
2 Starbucks Ice Cream (used 2 $1 IP coupons=$1.50 each)
6 Kleenex 200 ct boxes ( used 2 $0.50 from blinkies and got $3 RR=$0.33 each)
1 Smartwater ($1)

Plus I had a $5 off $20 coupon that I got in the mail :)

Happy Shopping!!


  1. HUGE SCORE!!!

    I am way jealous of the $5/$20 coupon. You must know someone on the inside.

  2. Thanks CJ, I can barely hold a candle to most of your Wags trips

    I got the $5/$20 as a welcome to the neighborhood mailer from buying the house... :)