Thursday, February 25, 2010

SWAGBUCKS!! I love em!

Search & Win

So recently I signed up for Swagbucks...and let's just say that I am hooked! Maybe that is why I have been M.I.A. lol...It is really cool because you earn Swagbucks just for doing NORMAL searches. Yes you can earn additional Swagbucks from completing offers. They have free trials and what have you. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and their blog for clues to other codes.

On Thursdays they reset the no obligation free offer code which is pretty cool. AND today is there 2 year birthday so they are giving away LOTS and LOTS of Swagbucks. I already earned 60 Swagbucks today!!! WHOOO HOOO! I love it!! Just for signing up you will get 30 free Swagbucks. I am not a pro ( but I am learning the ropes.

You can turn your Swagbucks in for FREE gift cards and such in their Swagstore...which is awesome just for going to their site, signing in and doing the normal searches that you do everyday. I mean how easy is that? For FREE stuff...I think TOTALLY!


  1. See. I do not have the most positive opinion about swagbucks. I find that when I search for something, it never posts useful results. I don't do a lot of internet shopping, so I don't get any points from that. I also don't like doing all the extra things like twitter and facebook, so basically the only way I earn is through searches, and I always have to research on google.

    as soon as I have enough points to cash out, I will, and then unsubscribe. Maybe I just don't get it. From what I understand I am the ONLY person who doesn't like it.

  2. LOL...It is crazy at first...I was like what and it seems like a secret society...I mean you can't share the codes once you find the special ones or they will pull your account. Today is awesome though cuz I won 87 swagbucks...see all I do is everyday I sign in and do a few searches, get my Swagbucks and be on my way. I don't use it for everything I search because yes you do have to filter through a bunch of nonsense.

    I am still learning the ropes. I know that I won't complete the offers or probably get $ money to buy online (cuz I'm not sure how that all works quite yet, but maybe in the future). It takes awhile to get used to but once you get the hang of it it gets better. :)