Friday, February 26, 2010


I am thinking... that I should start making the banana nut muffins pretty soon.

I am thankful for... my kids and my husband....though sometimes I get really stressed I would be lost with out all of them.

From the kitchen... frijolatas for dinner...they are yummy you should try them!

I am wearing...a green henley and bambi lounge pants...yeah I know HOT!

I am creating... a monkey costume for my friend who will wear it to her Big Brothers/Big Sisters bowling thingy.

I am going... to lose my mind one of these

I am reading... nothing for myself, as it is mainly children's books or leafing through magazines these days.

I am hoping... that someday Carmine will STOP finding permanent markers to color all over the house with. (91% rubbing alcohol is my new best friend...though Woody took one for the team, but the couch and his new boots made it out okay.)

I am hearing... the boys playing in their room that they are SUPPOSED to be cleaning.

Around the will find a hidden toy hear and there, of course they are not out in the open so they can easily find their way back home in the toy is more of a treasure hunt concept.

One of my favorite things... watching my kids sleep...they look so sweet...

A few plans for the rest of the week...Tristan has a birthday party tomorrow and then we are going to church on Sunday...whew I in the FAST lane...

Thanks CJ, (I have been stumped lately this was fun) and thanks Dawn for giving CJ the idea :)

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