Wednesday, September 1, 2010

PLEASE help :)

My son's school is one of the 50 finalists across the U.S. in the Charter Laptop Giveaway. To me that is amazing! Right now they are in 6th place and in order to win they need to be in one of the top 2 spots. He goes to an amazing little school, currently there are about 65 kids or so that go there and it goes from 3K all the way to 8th grade. I would love for them to be able to win something like this. Please take a moment and vote for them, it only takes a second. You can vote once per email. Thank you sooo much for your support :)

St. Paul Lutheran School
Sheboygan, WI


  1. "The little school with the big heart-- that's what I call St. Paul Lutheran School, where I taught for twelve years. St. Paul's enrollment has dropped over the years, but its parents and staff are loyal and dedicated, even though many are hurting in these hard financial times. Although St. Paul's receives support from its church, it's a constant struggle to maintain the older facility, meet the salaries, keep the educational materials up to date, and keep the cost of tuition reasonable. But they succeed, and their students, most from families of modest means, thrive there. They love their school. That's not why I call St. Paul's the little school with the big heart, though. Over the years, the students have raised and contributed thousands of dollars and donated untold numbers of needed items to worthy causes, both local, national, and abroad. A few examples: money for four cows sent to widows in India so they and their children would have a future; hundreds of library and textbooks and school supplies sent to a school in Africa (the entire village celebrated); school supplies sent to a New Orleans school badly damaged by Katrina; visits to local nursing homes, not only to carol at Christmas but also to help residents write their life stories. Each year new projects are tackled, and almost always the school exceeds its goal. The students feel that their school is their larger 'family,' and they are willing to reach out to others because that's what good families do-- share their blessings. That's rare enough in our tired world; I believe it merits recognition, but more importantly, this school will use those laptops in wonderful and worthwhile ways that will extend benefits far beyond the classroom." By Wendy K.

  2. I am a new follower and voted for your school! Hope that you win! I am a new blogger too! I hope that you follow me too!