Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wanna see my awesome Walgreen's score??

Well obviously, since you're here you do!! And LOOK I FINALLY got a picture to go along with it(about time I can't promise that all of the upcoming posts (for the next few weeks at least) will have pictures. As we go on VACATION (whoot whoot) Aug. 14th thru the 24th, then we close on the house (YAAAAAYYYY) on the 25th...then moving and Tristan start his FIRST year of school on the 31st....busy busy busy. Plus my mom's birthday is the 21st of August, my lil sister's is the 22nd AND I am hosting a Battle Force 5 Hot Wheels house party on the 29th for the kiddos! I am jam packed for the next few weeks!!

Anywho! Here is what I all got at Walgreen's today. My whole intent was to get the Ragu Sauce since we are out (what a great time for a sale).

16 Ragu Pasta Sauce 2/$4 (used 8 IP coupons)
3 Scotch tape had a raincheck for $0.39 each
1 Walgreen's Coloring Book (with COUPONS inside) $0.99
2 Irish Spring 2/$7 (used 2 IP coupons)
2 Softsoap hand washes 2/$4 (used 2 IP coupons)
2 Speedstick 2/$5 (used 2 IP coupons)
1 Venom Drink $1.99 (used FREE coupon from the mail)
1 2pk of GUM toothbrushes $3.49 (FREE after Register Rewards)
1 Vitamin shampoo $3.99 (FREE after Register Rewards)
1 Vitamin Conditioner $3.99 (FREE after Register Rewards)

I spent $17.62 OOP and have $10 in Register Rewards for next time!!

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